Item 94427 Master Forge Grill


Step 1.  If your grill looks like the picture above  you need to continue with the following steps. If your grill does not look like the picture above your grill is not included in this recall notice.

Step 2. Look on the inside of the cart door. on the label inside the door is a model Number. If the model number is GD4285 then continue to step 3. If there is any other model number on your grill your grill is not included in this recall notice.

Step 3. Make sure the regulator hose is routed on the outside of the cart and warning label is placed beneath the hole on the left side of the cart. Look on the left side of the grill as you face the grill. Make sure you can see the regulator hose running outside of the cart entering the cart through the large round hole on the cart side panel.
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If hose is routed correctly your grill is safe to use.  If hose is not routed correctly or you are unsure please contact our Customer Service at 888-584-3648 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 888-584-3648 end_of_the_skype_highlighting  Monday thru Thursday 8 AM thru 6 PM EST and Friday 8 AM thru 5 PM EST.