Item #94427 Master Forge Grill
Model #GD4825


Please read below carefully if you own this grill !

WARNING: CPSC has issued a " recall notice" on the above grill due to potential fire hazard. There have been a few incidents reported  and it has been determined that when the regulator hose is not routed through the round hole on the side of the cart, as designed, there is a potential fire hazard. 


 Very Important : If the regulator hose is routed correctly there is no cause for concern your grill is safe to use.

 If you own this grill please check the regulator hose. If the hose runs outside the cart and through the round hole in the side of the cart your grill is safe to use there is no reason for concern.  click here for additional information 

If the regulator hose is not running outside the cart please call 888-584-3628 for customer service.

Please check on the inside of the cart door for the Model Number Model GD4825
If you own this grill you will need to read the information on this website to make sure your grill is safe for use.
  There are a few simple things to check to determine if your grill is safe to use or if you need to take additional steps Click here for Steps to follow.